Monday, February 27, 2006

Biblia Verite

From our friends at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Read a book, then see the movie, and comparisons are inevitable. Why didn't the actor more resemble the main character? What happened to the character-A-meets-character-B scene? Why were whole sections left out of the film?

Beginning 7 p.m., the Peters Township Public Library will sponsor the 1st installment of Books On Screen, a discussion of how 4 novels and their movie versions stack up. Each participant receives a book and can check out 1 of 4 available DVDs or view the movie at a special library screening.

Books on Screen is part of the Pennsylvania Humanities Council's Read About It program. Started as a pilot program in 2000, Read About It uses libraries to lure readers into discussions in which they might not otherwise engage. Other genres on which discussions are based are: Detecting Women, Facts in Fiction, Life Stories and Pennsylvania Writers.

"Ours is different from other book discussions, because it's not driven by lectures. Rather, leaders are brought in to facilitate discussions. We try to bring in a new audience or those who haven't participated in a book discussion forum before," said Marcie Thurstlic, program communications assistant at the humanities council.

As of Feb. 15, 30 people had registered for the discussions and 6 were on a waiting list.